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GY6 DC SUPER V3 Wiring Harness Kit - Ultimate GY6 Electrical System

GY6 DC SUPER V3 Wiring Harness Kit - Ultimate GY6 Electrical System

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  • Pre-wired for 11-pole stator upgrade (stator included)
  • Three-phase 10A charging system ready to go (12.5A peak)
  • Relay protected.

No splicing or soldering to install.  Complete all-in-one harness and parts system, rip out that old rats nest and replace it with clean USA-made wiring no matter which GY6 kart you have.

FITS ALL GY6 BUGGY MODELS, UNIVERSAL FIT.  Read listing and FAQ for details and limitations.

Yerf Dog Spiderbox owners only: You'll need my key switch adapter.

IMPORTANT FLYWHEEL INFORMATION: If your engine has an 6-pole stator now, you'll need the larger flywheel meant for 8-pole stators.  Read my FAQ below for more information about flywheel sizes. Flywheel is not included at this price

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  • 100% Pure Copper Conductor Wire

  • Beautiful Polyethelene Flexible Wrap

  • 3D Printed UV-Resistant Connectors

  • Permanent Self-sealing Heatshrink

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11-Pole Stator Support Built-in

The 11-pole three-phase stator and rectifier support high-power lighting, big batteries, and all sorts of 12V accessories.

Our 11-pole stator and rectifier combination is dyno tested to produce 12.5 amps, supporting up to 160w at idle of whatever 12V devices you want to run!

Note: READ THIS PAGE for information about the flywheel and puller needed. If you have a 8-pole stator now, you've already got the right flywheel!

Sealed Relay Built-in w/ Fuse

  • Allows you to run LED headlights directly off a SuperGY6 harness.
  • 10A integrated fuse.
  • SEALED long-lasting high quality relays.
  • Diode protected to prevent transient spikes killing your CDI.
  • Headlights come on with key, not with engine.
  • Super clean plug-n-play Installation!

USA-made connectors that won't crumble with sun exposure.

SuperGY6 connectors and fuse holders are all 3D printed right here in the USA. Even the raw plastic material is made and sourced in America!

This is because original nylon connectors tend to crumble and fall apart after a season or two of sun exposure.

The type of plastic used is Polyethylene Terephthalate Glycol (PETG) plastics for strong UV resistance.  PETG is approximately as strong as nylon brand new, but keeps that strength over time despite frequent sun exposure.   This should be the last harness you have to buy for a long while.

All connections clearly labeled!

Every connector on the harness is labeled and tells you exactly where it goes. Absolutely no guesswork or head scratching. Super simple install!

30-minute easy installation.

DC Super V3 kit quickly connects together:

  • 15 minutes to install the new stator.
  • 15 minutes to connect and secure harness.

Ready to roll 👍

Just follow the instructions on the label!

✅ Parts Included:

✔️ 11-Pole Stator w/ Reluctor Sensor
✔️ Three-Phase Voltage Regulator
✔️ Main Relay (Sealed and Diode protected)
✔️ DC-Fired CDI Module (No Rev-limit)
✔️ Ignition Coil
✔️ Solenoid Relay
✔️ Key and Kill Switches
✔️ Genuine NGK CH7HSA Spark Plug

Note: Flywheel is not included at this price. 

IMPORTANT: If your engine has an 6-pole stator now, you'll need the larger flywheel meant for 8-pole stators.  Check the FAQ below for more information.

Frequent Questions

What flywheel do I need? (IMPORTANT, READ THIS!)

If your engine has an 6-pole stator now, you'll need the larger flywheel meant for 8-pole stators.  I don't carry the flywheels as they've become a pain to source since C19, however there are many sources online for around $30 USD.  To my knowledge there isn't a difference in quality when it comes to source of the flywheel itself. 

Also, the flywheel is exactly the same between 8 and 11.  So don't pay more for one if a seller is upcharging just to call it an "11-pole" flywheel.

If you're upgrading from an 8-pole stator, it's perfectly fine to reuse your original flywheel.  It'll fit and work great.  Be sure to grab a flywheel puller to remove your flywheel without causing it damage.

Is this the exact same design as my factory harness?

No, this is a massive upgrade of it's own design based on my 20 years of personal experience dealing with GY6 karts and their substandard factory wiring. My kits nail reliability on the GY6 engine by eliminating the common electrical issues that lead to most breakdowns.

This setup focuses on high build quality, attention to detail during construction, and the very best USA materials.

What features are included in this harness?

We nail the basics:

  • Spark (DC-Fired CDI Ignition)
  • Electric Starting
  • 12V Charging & Power (fused to 10A, or up to 12.5A if you know what you're doing)
  • Auto-choke (Important to avoid chasing phantom jetting issues)
  • Headlights (DC power - lights turn on with the key switch)
  • Tail light connection

Things like brake lights, horns, speedometers, shifter indicators, and turn signals are not supported. These things would blow my asking price through the roof considering my build time and the materials required, for not much actual benefit. It's better to wire those in separately or keep a portion of the original harness in as a piggyback to run those extras.

Can I run LED Lights?

YES! LED lights are supported natively by this kit.

What else will I need?

You'll need your existing battery cables, battery, and a pair of headlights. If these are all in good shape you won't need anything else.

I want a cigarette lighter. Do you take custom one-off wiring requests?

Heck no lol 😆 Everything I make is built by preset patterns so the quality of every single kit I make is consistent and top notch. Any improvements I make to the product get applied to ALL new batches going forward, so everyone benefits!

If you've got a great idea for an improvement that would help everyone, let me know! I might be able to make it work for all if it makes sense.

These upgrades are now INTEGRATED into the new V3 kit!
No rewiring, soldering, or splicing is ever required.

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    All harness kits ship free via USPS Priority to all 50 states 🇺🇸
    Expect delivery in 2-3 days after shipping.

    (Orders under $60 ship for a flat $6)

    Normal lead-time to build and ship your harness is 24 hours 💨

    Tracking number information is sent to your email when I create the shipment. Be sure sure to enter your correct email address during checkout so you actually receive those status updates.

    High demand periods 🕧
    I occasionally get a rush of orders all at once and it may take up to 3 days to build and ship your order. These "high demand" periods are usually around holidays, spring time (as things warm up across the country), and in July around the 4th. So please plan ahead when ordering around these times, don't wait until the last minute!

    Shipping Policy 
  • Here to help 🤝

    Everything I build is meant to install in the easiest way possible, with labels right on the connectors. Hell, the harness is it's own set of instructions!

    Installation is a breeze, but if you need any help along the way, you can reach me via FB chat to help answer any questions you might have when hooking things up.

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🚫 Disclaimers (Read please 👇)

This item is sold without any warranty express or implied, and is sold without warranty of merchantability or fitness.  This harness is made using the original wiring diagrams from Tomberlin with higher quality materials and construction, but has not been rated by any third-party testing facilities.  As such, this product is sold "as is", with any and all potential faults. 

By purchasing, you agree that you are using this product at your own risk.   Please keep an eye out for problems during use, and let us know right away if you suspect an issue.  We'll use your input to make the product even better.

In the case that you believe your harness is defective or non-functional in some way, cease use immediately and contact us with details.

⚠️ WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals which are known to the State of California to cause
cancer. For more information, go to”

Still on the fence?

I'm surprised you made it this far!

If you need any help, just shoot me a quick chat message on the SuperGY6 facebook page any time. I'm here to help and respond to messages when I get back to my desk around every hour or so during work hours.

- Travis @ SuperGY6 👍