About us - Meet Travis

Hey! I'm Travis. I'm the owner and builder of SuperGY6 harnesses.  I've been a member of the community since early 2004 with my first GY6 buggy, a Yerf Dog Spiderbox 3206. I still own it today, along with my Blade 150SX and several others.  If you're new around here and just starting to learn about GY6 engines, welcome to the sport!

The GY6 engine is awesome, but let's talk about its weak points
I've owned and parted with a few dozen GY6 buggies of most makes and models.  Tomberlin, Kinroad, Blade, Hammerhead, Kazuma, and quite a few others.  The one thing they all have in common is that their wiring from the factory is absolutely terrible, which in my opinion causes the majority of maintenance frustration and money wasting with the GY6 platform. I created SuperGY6 and designed her products to solve that problem.

My guiding design philosophy is "Keep it simple, focus on build quality".  I don't like over-complicating things, so my products are super easy to install and maintain. They work the way they're supposed to day one, and then just keep on working after that.  

Since starting up in January of 2021, I now have over 300 people (as of November '21) riding with SuperGY6 harnesses installed on their karts. That's amazing!  Especially my repeat buyers who ended up buying additional buggies for the whole family specifically because they didn't have to worry about wiring hassles. You guys know who you are!  Thank you for your support!

I admit, I tend to obsess over quality and consistency
All of my wiring products are built right here in the USA. I hate corner-cutting with a passion. Even if it takes longer up front, I believe it pays off to do things right the first time.

Only the best materials, because you get out what you put in.
I only accept the very best premium materials, because in over almost 20 years I've seen everything of lesser quality fail again and again. 

My wire is beautiful 100% pure stranded copper, not aluminum core with a pitiful 8% copper plating on the outside to make you think it's worth buying.. what a scam!

SuperGY6 harness wire is "Made in U.S.A.", says so right on the spool.

Connector crafting. Hold the cheap nylon please!
I started 3D printing my own connectors right from the beginning, because I got FED UP with stock nylon connectors crumbling and falling apart year after year.  It didn't make sense to put all this effort into making better products just for the connectors to still be the weak link.

So to that end, I invested in a small 3D print farm and set about making SuperGY6's own unique GY6 connectors stronger than stock, and very resistant to UV exposure from the sun and other weather elements. It's tough stuff!

My plastics inventory is 100% all American made as well.  It costs more to stock up on, but produces extremely durable high quality prints.  And is made with rich pigments for color that just "pops" at your eye. I love this stuff.  It's the best.

Combining all these things together results in a final product that will hold up for years.  My items cost a bit more than overseas prices, but dollar for dollar you won't find a better deal when it comes to the lifespan of the product.  It works, and keeps working.  Cheap harnesses simply can't beat it!

I only source the very best electrical parts.  No copies of copies!
Of course, I can't build a CDI or ignition coil.  So those things I do import from suppliers I've developed relationships with and trust with not only my money, but trust with my reputation as well. 

My parts are absolutely not the same as the cheesy bottom-shelf junk you'll find major marketplace sites.  I only want you to have to buy my parts once, not once a month!  They may as well be selling parts subscriptions. Ridiculous.

So what's next? ...Fuel injection!
Your SuperGY6 harness order directly helps to fund another long-term project of mine, NanoEFI Fuel Injection.  Thanks to your support, we're getting closer to the release of my affordable fuel injection kit for the GY6 with wireless tuning.

When finished, we can finally kick that carburetor to the curb for good!

I'll see you out there!

If you have any questions, be sure to reach out.  Enjoy your order!